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Looking for an answer to decking services near me (you) in Liverpool?

We’ve got you covered! If you’re in Liverpool, you don’t need to look too far to find decking services in Liverpool. Here at Liverpool Landscaping Paving Services, our staff are experienced professionals who are committed to executing your decking vision to perfection.

Liverpool Landscaping Paving Services

We use only top quality materials for our decking projects, which is why we also advise our customers on what materials to use depending on their budgets. We also help you design your project from the ground up. Once you’re happy with the design, work begins.

To get high-quality decking installed on your residential or commercial property by a sound decking installation company, contact us today.

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Types of Decking We Install

We have two major types of decking that we install. They are;

  • Softwood and hardwood decking
  • Composite decking

Softwood and Hardwood Deckings

These types of decking are stylish enough to give off a natural feel to your outdoor area. They are also very durable, as they can easily last up to 3 decades if properly maintained by periodic sanding and oiling.

Liverpool Landscaping Paving Services

Also, softwood boards are usually more affordable than hardwood boards. So this gives you another option if you are on a budget.

Composite Decking

The boards used for composite decking are made from a mixture of plastic and wood particles. Composite boards take the durability of soft and hardwood boards to another level; they are anti-skid and amazingly water-resistant.

You won’t have to worry about mould or fungi, something that will have to be guided against when using the elegant soft and hardwood boards. The only maintenance needed for composite boards is regular jet washing, and your decking will almost constantly look brand new.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, get in touch with us 🙂

Liverpool Landscaping Paving Services

Other Decking Services we Offer

Asides from helping you execute the vision for your decking needs, we also help you maintain it. If you want, we can help you do the following;

  • Replacing broken decking boards

Decking boards are generally very durable and strong, but accidents can and do happen. And don’t worry if your decking boards got broken out of neglect. We’ll assist you in installing new boards and provide proper advice for their long term durability and the right approach to its maintenance.

  • Restoring decking boards

Decking boards that have been installed for a long time might suffer some discolouration, particularly if the decking wasn’t always regularly washed. But not to worry, we offer pressure washing and other cleaning services that will help regain the shine of your decking.

  • Installation of garden lights

Even a great looking decking can always be better. And one of the ways to make this happen is by installing shimmering garden lights around your decking. However you want them installed is fine, we can do it.

We can also install the same in other parts of your garden.

How It Works

  • Make an appointment by reaching out to us via phone (0151 453 0646) or with our online booking form.
  • Our professional landscaper will come to your property, discuss your decking ideas and take measurements.
  • Based on your ideas and the measurements, our team will generate a detailed quote via email in 3-5 days.
  • If the pricing suits you, then it’s time to install your decking! We’ll be present at your property to do the work, and you can inspect at any time. Once the installation is done, it’s time to enjoy your new decking.

Decking Services Prices

As mentioned earlier, there are two broad types of materials used for decking boards; hardwood and softwood, and composite. All three materials have different prices per square metre.

Also, decking installation costs have to include labour costs, and the more complicated your design is, the higher the labour cost is.

To calculate the total cost of the decking, find out the decking cost per square metre, and multiply it by the total area of the decking.

The following table gives a detailed breakdown of what we charge for the installation of new decking.

Material Composite Softwood Hardwood
Price per square meter £120 £20 £75

Also, the day rate of our decking professionals is £150£200.

To paint your decking, the price is £25 – £40. This price is a two-hour flat rate, and if the job takes more than two hours, the rate per hour is between £15 and £18.

To have your decking sanded, will cost you £15 per square metre. Our decking professionals will also charge £40 to £50 as a flat rate for two hours and then between £20 to £25 per hour thereafter.

To remove your decking, our professionals will charge you £120£550.

To clean your decking, our professionals will charge between £40 to £100. You only need to clean your decking once a year.

Liverpool Landscaping Paving Services

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