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Landscaping Liverpool Price Guide

It is extremely important to determine the precise cost of a landscaping project before undertaking it. So, before you get the help of professional landscapers, it is important for you to know the cost and compare it to your budget to get clarify on your landscaping vision.

In this article, we will give you all the details for Landscaping Prices in Liverpool.


How much does Garden Landscaping cost?

Turning a patch of land with unwanted weeds and overgrown flowers to a bed of well-tended flowers is the magic of garden landscaping.

However, garden landscaping costs for you will widely vary based on your landscaping needs, as a typical landscaping project can be anything from a simple change to your garden to a complete overhaul of your garden.

Below is the table of our average hourly rate to give you an indication of what it could potentially cost for your landscaping project.

Liverpool Landscaping Paving Services

Landscaping Liverpool Garden Landscaping Price Guide

Minimum cost (per hour) £15
Maximum cost (per hour) £45
Average cost (per hour) £21 – £25

What changes the cost of a Landscape Gardener?

Like we mentioned earlier, the cost of landscaping is dependent on a lot of factors.

These factors are;

  • Location

Living in Liverpool, you can expect a competitive local market rate for landscaping, but not as high as you’d pay if you were living in London.

  • Garden Design

You obviously want your garden to look as you’d want it! The landscaper’s job is to carry out your vision for your garden, making sure to use the right materials, the right measurements and plant the right flowers.

So, the grander and more complex your vision for your garden is, the more it would cost to execute it. For instance, what it would cost to mow your law and prune some flowers is far different from what it would cost to install custom decking and create a garden from scratch.

Liverpool Landscaping Paving Services

The following table gives a fixed price breakdown of different services we offer with regards to executing your vision for your garden.

Garden Feature Labour Cost
Installation of artificial grass (102m) £350 – £2000
Installation of a pond £200 – £900
Installation of decking £500 – £2100


  • Garden Size

The rule here is simple; the bigger your garden, the more you’d have to pay for landscaping it

The following table gives a fixed price breakdown of how much it would cost you to landscape your garden based on its size.

Size of Garden (ft) Total Cost
21 x 14 £130 – £160
26 x 20 £200 – £220
41 x 25 £270 – £320

Common Landscape Garden Jobs

The following is a list of common jobs in landscaping and how much we charge for them.

  • Mowing the lawn: £20 – £40 per hour
  • Pruning: Small trees £100 – £150, large trees £500 – £650 per day
  • Weeding: £50 – £150

New Patio Cost

A patio is a way for you to diversify your garden’s usefulness, and it can also serve as an area for you to spend time with your family and receive friends and guests. Another wonderful thing with patios is that there is a wide range of materials that can be used in the construction, and patio designs can take different styles to match your home.

There are two main factors that determine the cost of paving patio;

  • The material the patio is constructed with
  • The size of the patio

So, to calculate the total cost of a patio, find out the paving cost per square metre, and multiply it by the total area of the patio.

Liverpool Landscaping Paving Services

However, the figures we have indicated will often vary greatly based on the material you use and some additional key factors.

The following are the different types of patio materials and the cost you should prepare to pay to construct them. (All prices are in paving cost per square metre)

Concrete Patio

This is the cheapest option you can get for patios, but cheap prices do not mean cheap output. Not with us at the Liverpool Landscaping Paving Services. We will ensure your concrete patios are laid expertly and to the highest quality standards.

The cost for laying concrete patios is £35.

Brick Patio

Brick patios bring a certain stylish look to your home that can only be achieved by using bricks. The possibilities for the patterns are endless.

The cost for laying brick patios is £40£50.

Slab Patios

Slab patios are stylish and elegant patios that are constructed using the formation of different types of stone slabs. As a result, they are among the pricier options for patio construction.

The cost for laying slab patios range from £20£30 for budget slabs, £45£50 for decent slabs and £75 and above for the more expensive and stylish slabs.


Labour Costs for Laying Patios

The day rate for landscapers laying patios for you is between £150£200.

New Decking Cost

Decking and a patio have basically the same functions, but the use of wood in decking is what makes it distinct.

There are generally three types of materials used for decking; hardwood, composite and pine. All three have different prices per square metre.

Remember also that the cost of a new decking also has to include labour costs, and the more complicated your design is, the higher the labour cost is.

To calculate the total cost of the decking, find out the decking cost per square metre, and multiply it by the total area of the decking.

The following table gives a detailed breakdown of what we charge for the installation of new decking.

Material Pine Hardwood Composite
Price per square metre £20 £75 £120

The day rate of our decking professionals is £150£200.

Laying Turf Cost (Real Grass and Artificial)

Just like decking and patios, determining the total cost of laying the turf, either real grass or artificial grass, is calculated by multiplying the cost of turf per square metre by the total area of your lawn.

The following table gives a breakdown of how we charge for installing an artificial lawn on your property.

Lawn size (per square metre) Turf Cost Other materials Installation costs Estimated total
1 £180-£200 £35-£45 £380-£450 £595-£695
30 £590-£650 £110-£150 £1180-£1250 £1880-£2050

Other Cost

Apart from the projects that have been mentioned up till this point, we also do other projects as a Landscaping Company in Liverpool.

They are listed below with their prices;

  • Construction of raised beds for planting: £200
  • Skip: £140£350
  • Laying a path: £480
  • Construction of a pond: £450£850

How to save money on Landscape Gardening services?

Landscaping your garden can definitely be expensive, but you can find a way around it.

The following are tips on how to save money on landscape gardening services;

  • Chip off some of the work yourself. This would require getting your hands dirty, but what’s a little dirt if it would save you some money?
  • Pick low maintenance plants that are inexpensive.
  • Use affordable materials based on how much your budget can accommodate.

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