Paving Services Liverpool

Paving Services Liverpool

At Liverpool Landscaping Paving Services, we turn your driveway and patio into high-quality paved areas. Our team is made up of professional pavers who uphold the highest quality of workmanship for every paving project we do.

Liverpool Landscaping Paving Services

We use only the best materials for our paving projects, which is why we usually advise our customers precisely on what materials to use depending on their budgets. We also help you design your project from the ground up. Once you approve the design, work begins in earnest.

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Patio Laying & Driveway Installation Process

Liverpool Landscaping Paving Services


The following points explain the process of patio laying.

  • Preparing the area

Of course, you cannot just lay the patio over any ground. The area where the patio will be laid has to be smooth and very flat. If you’re installing an upgrade to an existing patio, the slabs for that have to be removed before the new slabs can be set in place.

  • Prepare the concrete mix

Prepare a concrete mix either in a bucket or a cement mixer. The concrete should be one part cement and three parts sand, and add water till the mixture achieves a certain smoothness like dough.

  • Laying the slabs

The next step is to lay the slabs and set them. Use a rubber mallet to ascertain that the slabs are well set. Once the whole project area has been covered, spray it with water and leave it for a day to set properly.

  • Final Touches

The space between the slabs should be filled with concrete and there should be no residue on the surface of the slabs.

Driveway Installation

There are four major steps to this, and they are;

  • Foundation preparation

The foundation of the driveway, either it’s asphalt or concrete, has to be well made. The ground must be leveled and the material must be laid to a good level of thickness.

  • Adding the material

The nitty gritty of the process for asphalt and concrete is slightly different, but they are also essentially the same. The material has to be added to the foundation, with a focus on making it as smooth as possible.

  • Manipulating the Material

The focus here is compactness. The materials are made compact by the use of equipment like rollers, and the surface becomes smoother.

  • Hardening

The surface is left to cure, and the duration is different for different materials. For asphalt, it would take 5-7 days, whilst concrete should be ready within a day or two max.

Liverpool Landscaping Paving Services

Why Choose Us

  • Our rates are budget-friendly and we operate a fixed price policy.
  • We respond promptly to all your enquiries and have 24/7 response to your emails.
  • All our experts are fully qualified. They are also locals in the area and all have a minimum of 5 years of experience. So, we know exactly what we are doing when we work in your outdoor area.

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Paving Services Prices

The following table shows a breakdown of what you can expect to pay per square metre for paving. Our prices are highly competitive, and we offer a fixed pricing policy.

Materials needed Price per square meter
Concrete blocks £15
Lay edging stones £10
Sub-base £23
Waste disposal £10 – £15
Labour cost £33
Total £91 – £96


I have weeds growing through my patio, why is this?
The most likely reason for this is that your patio wasn’t properly installed, and so cracks have appeared.

Do you use subcontractors to do your work?
Nope. All our projects are completed by qualified experts at the Liverpool Landscaping Paving Services who are all hired based on minimum 5 years of industry experience.

How long do I have to keep off the new asphalt?
Ideally, a day should be enough. But in cases of very warm weather, it would be better to extend that to 2 days.

Will paving my driveway address drainage?
Yes, it will. You’d have to make sure your site is grade checked and tested by a sound engineering service. On our part, we will consult with our foreman in order to decide on the best course of action for proper drainage. A good drainage is a key part of your property.

Can you guarantee your work?
Every paving project we have embarked on was done like our own personal projects, as we aim to leave our customers thoroughly satisfied. All work we provide includes a guarantee.

How long should my asphalt pavement last?
A minimum of 15 years, if maintained properly. After this time, it is highly likely that you would need to replace the asphalt.

Why are there potholes in my driveway and how do I get rid of them?
Potholes are formed in asphalt when water is able to seep into the paving through cracks. Over time, the water seeping into the asphalt reduces the integrity of the asphalt and weakens it.

This is what causes potholes to form. We recommend that you immediately contact a reputable service to help you fill those potholes before they get bigger and cause more problems for you.

Liverpool Landscaping Paving Services

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