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Turfing Services in Liverpool

At Liverpool Landscaping Paving Services, we endeavour to be your answer to all your turfing needs. We are the top-rated Turfing Company in Liverpool. Here, our staff are experienced professionals who are totally committed to executing your turfing vision to perfection.

Liverpool Landscaping Paving Services

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We use only the best materials for our turfing projects, so you don’t have to worry about the use of substandard materials. We advise our customers on what materials to use based on their budgets. We can also help you design your turfing project from the ground up. Once you’re happy with the design, turfing begins!

To get our professional turf laying contractors on your project, be it a  residential one or a commercial one, contact us today.

Liverpool Landscaping Paving Services

2a Scott Street, Liverpool

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How we Perform the Natural Turf Laying Service

Having a natural lawn is not just doing Saturday or Sunday morning mowing. It’s enjoying the beauty of having a natural lawn done by experts.

Liverpool Landscaping Paving Services

2a Scott Street, Liverpool

This is how we perform turf laying for natural lawns;

  • Initial Site Clearance

To install a wonderful natural lawn, the foundation must be built on solid land. So this means no old lawn, no rocks, weeds, etc. If there are also any hard surfaces such as slabs and decking that will prevent the growth of the plants, they also will be removed by our team.

  • Levelling

What a sloping lawn? No, we didn’t think you would. So, the next step is to level the soil and ensure that the site is as level as possible. This will be done by adding or removing soil from any uneven part of the site.

  • Topsoil addition

To facilitate the proper growth of the plants, top soil is added.

  • Turf laying

Turf rolls are then laid, and our experts make sure there are no gaps in between the rolls so your lawn looks uniform.

  • Lawn edging and expert advice

The edges of the lawn will then be formed carefully. This will give the turf some character and help it look as good as it can possibly do.

Once this is done, you will receive a free plan for maintaining your new garden.

Installing Artificial Turf instead of Real

The following steps discuss the process behind the installation of artificial turfs;

  • Site clearance of weeds, debris, etc.

The same goes for any solid surfaces that might be present on the site of the turf.

  • Levelling

It’s important for the land to be levelled, so there will be addition or removal of soil from parts of the land as the case may be.

Hard base will also be added along with sand before it is compacted. This is to provide a solid foundation for the artificial turf.

  • Anti-weed membrane

Weeds can grow anywhere. So, prevention of their growth is important when installing new artificial turf. This prevention is done by laying anti-weed membrane on the project site to ensure weeds don’t find their way into your artificial turf.

  • Joist Installation

Stability is very important to the success of the installation, so a frame of joist will be installed on the project site, alongside sharp sand to help keep it fixed.

  • Laying of the Artificial turf

This is the final stage wherein the artificial turf will be laid. It can be installed with adhesive or with silica and sand application. Whatever method that is used will ensure proper installation.

Liverpool Landscaping Paving Services

2a Scott Street, Liverpool

How We Work

At the Liverpool Landscaping Paving Services, the way we work is very simplified and easy to understand.

The steps below describes the way we work;

  • Schedule a survey by using our online booking form and fill in your details. You can also call us if that is more convenient for you. Here’s our number; 0151 453 0646
  • One of our professional surveyors will come and measure your project site, discuss your turfing needs and estimate the workload it will require based on the complexity of the job.
  • We’ll send you a price quote within 2 to 5 days. It will contain a detailed breakdown of your project vision, including labour costs and material costs.
  • Once you agree with the project price, we’ll select a date for the commencement of the job based on your preference.
Liverpool Landscaping Paving Services

2a Scott Street, Liverpool

Why Choose Us

  • Our rates are budget friendly and we operate a fixed price policy.
  • We respond promptly to all your enquiries and have 24/7 response to your emails.
  • All our experts are fully qualified. We are based in Liverpool and have a minimum of 5 years of industry experience. So, we know exactly what we are doing when we work in your outdoor area.

Require Turfing Services in Liverpool?  Contact us now and let us know your vision for your turfing needs.

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Turfing Services Prices

Calculating the cost of turfing services is not difficult at all. All you have to do is to multiply the cost of turf per square metre by the total area of your lawn.

The following table gives a breakdown of how we charge for installing an artificial lawn on your property.

Lawn size (per square metre)

Turf Cost


Other materials

Installation costs


Estimated total


1 £180-£200 £35-£45 £380-£450 £595-£695
30 £590-£650 £110-£150 £1180-£1250 £1880-£2050

Need a Professional Turf Laying Service?

Liverpool Landscaping Paving Services

2a Scott Street, Liverpool


It’s easy to have professionals from a turf laying company install your turf for you. Reach out to the Liverpool Landscaping Paving Services and we’ll respond right away to your enquiries.

Here’s our number: 0151 453 0646.

Don’t want to place a call? That is totally fine. Just fill our short booking request form and we’ll get to discussing your turfing requirements in no time.